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I like 1911's and have several.

I'm a huge revolver guy and own more of them than anything else.

And I've got several Glocks so I'm very familiar with them.

A couple of years ago I bought an HK45. Liked everything about it except for the safety position and the whole DA/SA thing. But the pistol felt so great in my hand and I shot it so well, it was worth trying to improve. Early this year I ordered a LEM conversion kit for it and swapped everything out. That did it for me. The HK45 with LEM. The best .45 ACP I own, including the custom 1911. I would feel very comfortable carrying one as an LEO. Maybe get an HK45c for when I needed to carry concealed.

I do have to admit I love .357 SIG as well. And I hear you can buy an HK P30 LEM and then get a German made replacement barrel to change it to a .357 SIG. I can't pick that as my first choice since I don't actually own one but I would sure like to try one out.

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