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Where I live you would have been in trouble with the law, for threatening Bubba in that way. In the eyes of street justice, good job you did the right thing.

Consider if Bubba really thought lil' Sparky (the dog) was his and came back ready to fight and fired with vengence from just being threated with a gun and really wanting his dog back. Not really conflict advoidance is it. In this case Bubba was just likely a dogknapper that moved on, but what if... . I would never pull a gun on another person till I had already made the choice to try to kill them, and I'm not going there over a 3k dog, that's me but to each his/her own.

As far as the laser sight I bought a Bodyguard .38 w/laser and I should have saved the money and got the one wo/laser. You gotta switch it on from a top button that is not well placed, it don't work well in daylight, and has to be re calibrated after I shoot 10-15 rounds at the range. The sights on the bodyguard are very hard to see. My wife gave me some day-glo green fingernail polish, sight problem solved and I shoot very well with out the laser, up close.

And don't ask what my wife is doing with day-glo green fingernail polish.

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