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I have both, plus a Glock 27 for conceal carry. And when i'm on duty i carry my glock. Mainly because my duty weapon is a glock 22. Now when i'm off duty, i was carring my Kel, but i picked up a Sccy awhile back for the wife, but i started to liked the feel of it. I've put 400 rounds through it, and i haven't one bad thing to say about it. I find when i leave the house, i tend to grab the Sccy over the Kel-tec, to carry off duty. All three of those guns, really aren't for taking to the range. They are for carry. And neither has failed me. The sccy fits in the back pocket of my jeans, I've pulled it twice, and both perps laid down as ordered. Really man. Go with what fits your grip, and how it will be used. All mine, have a handle, a firing pin, a barrel and will put a round on target.
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