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James K
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Tom Servo wrote:

"Correct, and sadly, that gun is likely chosen by the lawyers and accountants."

Maybe so, but here is the bottom line. Lawyers help choose police firearms with a view to reducing the possibility of a lawsuit that could bankrupt a small city.

If an officer goes off on his own and uses a non-issue/non approved gun, or non-issue/non-approved ammunition, and is sued for something involving that gun/ammunition (like over-penetration) he/she will be fired and the jurisdiction will NOT defend the "rogue officer" in court. That could mean the officer will have to carry the burden of a judgment alone.

Worse yet, if an officer carries his own weapon or ammunition and uses it, and there is a public outcry about the gun or ammunition used, a prosecutor may well choose to prosecute the officer on (for example) a charge of using excessive force. The result could be conviction and prison time.

So, let's hear about how "I would carry my Blippo Model X and Bloppo ammo, and not that stupid stuff they issue." That kind of bluster and BS sounds real impressive on a web site; maybe not so good in a courtroom.

Jim K
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