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Consider the people that do live in Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans and other urban cities. The people that live there and work there may have a better sense of awareness than someone from a rural or less crime infested city. As far as I know Chicago has no carry law or it's very limited, so carrying a gun can make you a bad guy too, but would you rather be caught without one.

People in those type of places have places within that city they won't go into and people they won't go around just like anyone anywhere else. People that work in those cities still gotta be able to protect what they work for and themselves and families, so when you go to places like that I would think in some cases it may be safer than you think cause likely everybody that can carry is carrying, and I would think that would make the bg think twice.

Some of the worst shootings as far as mass type don't happen as much in the cities that have the biggest crime stigma, wonder why. Could it be cause everybody in those cities got a gun and would stop that threat.

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