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Let me ask the members this. I don't know the reloading "lingo", so maybe you folks can interpret what this "recipe" is saying. For example, I don't known what 12/76 means, although I'm assuming 12 means 12 gauge. I won't use this recipe without further corroboration, but it will be a start. What amount of powder (metric measurement or otherwise) does this recipe call for when it says "64,8gr - 67,9gr"?

Recipe for 12/76 lead
hull: Winchester 12/76 supreme
prime: Federal 209 A
powder: Vihtavuori N110 64,8gr - 67,9gr
wad: vp-65 (vagnerplast wad from denmark)
pellet: nickelplated lead 3,0-4,0 mm, 1 3/5oz (46 g)
velocity:1509fps - 1660fps
pressure: Max 1050 bar (67,9gr powder and 1660fps load) cip standard
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