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There's no reason you can't be in the woods out of season. Take up something like hiking, photography or preseason scouting.
Funny you should say that. There are a lot of hunters I have noticed that talk about how hunting to them isn't the taking of game, but the experience of being out in the woods, enjoying nature, etc. The only thing is, they don't ever go out in the woods to enjoy nature unless they are there to take game.

Personally, I just like exploring. You can really get out and about out of season, see where the animals are living and what they are doing and not worry about distubing them and ruining the hunt.

Sometime back while exploring and clearing some brush, I found and open spring box that was several feet deep that was a real hazard (now surrounded by posts) that I would have hated to have fallen into while tracking or stalking in low light. Heck, I almost missed it in broad daylight. It's good to learn the terrain.
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