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Things I love about hunting. All the work getting ready for the season, the time spent with family and friends.
I love sitting in the stand for the magic moments at daybreak and sunset.
Watching all the work you put in payoff when you see a deer in the foodplot or on the ground after a shot is taken.
I love the excitement of seeing the first deer of the season .
I love to hear beagels jump a rabbit and run it with everything they have.
I love to hear the turkeys talk to each other.
I love the sound of backstraps hitting a hot grill.

Things I don't like about hunting.
Mosquitoes, they are particularly bad this season.
Wasp nests in deer stands and the preseason ritual of clearing them out. A close relative of this is yellow jacket nest while clearing trails although not as frequent as the wasp nests.
Briers:the area we hunt was clear cut a few years ago and you have to fight them every year clearing trails and shooting lanes and finding deer after the shot.
Idiots hunting on the lot next to us blowing grunt calls for 2-3 hours without stopping.
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