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A friend and former USN SEAL Team commander told me a few months ago about recent tests comparing several cartridges and rifles in accuracy and shootability tests up through 1500 yards. Top level marksmen shot a couple of 30 caliber magnums as well as 33 caliber ones. Included, of course was the .338 Laupa Mag.

Best results for first shot hit as well as overall accuracy happened when the marksmen shot a .300 Win. Mag. While its accuracy was at least equal to (and sometimes better than) that of the .338 Lapua, its milder recoil while the bullet's going through the barrel made it easier to shoot accurately off ones shoulder.

That didn't impress the US Army folks as they insisted the .338 Lap Mag was the best one to use. Shootable accuracy was obviously not most important to them.

If you want any chance of being able to make first shot hits at any range... you're gonna need a gun and ammo you can do it with. Hits with most any bullet's better than a very near miss with a huge one. Virtually all of the top scores in long range matches these days with shoulder fired rifles from prone are made with smaller bore and milder cartridges than 30 caliber and bigger huge cases.

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