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I am getting ready to start working up loads in 7.62x54R. I have a bunch of 4064 so I am gearing up for that powder. I am thinking about the Hornady Interlock 150g (.312). I did run some of the Winchester 180g round nose through the old girl and before the action started getting loose (after 6 rounds, time to locktite!) I was putting them into a group about 1" at 100 yards. If the 150s don't work out I'll switch over to the 180g RN.

If you need some brass I found a link in another post for Lapua brass at dang near giveaway prices. I only picked up 100 since I am not greedy plus I have another 60 of the Win/S&B brass and the Mosin doesn't get shot all that much.

Get it while it lasts! I will probably get some more next month if there is any left at this price.
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