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+1 on the 'Shoot thee no more with the fmj milsurp stuff"- at least not until after your trip. Scout around for various hunting loads, try them, and go with the one you manage the best groups with.

I personally wouldn't recommend the AK for hunting, and agree with the reasons listed above. It would be my guess that the MN would be the most forgiving for you.

And one last tip offering- if you haven't done so, google around for images of deer kill zones from all angles. I've seen a few new hunters only familiarize themselves with standing broadside shots, then get all frustrated and trigger happy when they realize deer don't always stand at perfect 90 degree angles to the muzzles (silly inconsiderate deer!)
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I'm going to use the words "clip" and "Long Colt" every chance I get. It grinds my gears to see new members attacked when we all know dang good and well what's being refered to.
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