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Thanks for your thoughts.
I would want to do this because I feel I have reached a plateau with respect to the flat paper target CQ shooting that I've been doing. I clear the concealment with my shooting hand, draw the gun and fire from retention positions, all one handed, and hit fairly reliably. I can do that while my feet are in motion and I am actually moving. I can keep shooting and keep hitting while I am moving (my feet are in motion) getting combat accurate hits (actually, pretty good hits). At my range, I can do that in some narrow lanes that limit my lateral movement to maybe 20 feet, and I can do that in a larger range area with protected berm sides where I can move laterally about 40 yards, and up/back about 50 yards. No, I can't shoot accurately at 50 yards, but that is the amount of space I can move around in. If other shooters are there, I can't do that stuff, but often I have that range to myself.

What I can't do is A.) Get to my range often enough. I'd like to go into the basement and practice with the AirSoft gun and the mannequin for 20 minutes after work several evenings a week,, and B.) I can't move around my paper targets at my range. I can move lateral to my paper targets and up/back, diagonal, etc. But the target stands are fixed in position at the extreme edge of the range and I can't get along side my target paper, or move behind it, etc. In my basement I could do that kind of stuff.

By the way, some folks say to train until one feels confident of their skills or whatever. To me, I will keep doing the live fire training as often as I can because I will probably never feel that I am "totally prepared" and anyway I'd want to always maintain the training I've accomplished. So, I would not give up live fire. Just want to supplement it.

I used to be into model trains, and I am thinking I can make some papier mache mannequins using some of the same techniques that one uses for model train scenery building. My mannequins would not survive too many trips to the live fire range, but they can probably take quite an Airsoft beating. I have not tried making any yet, I am just planning this out, thinking it through.
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