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The 7.62x39 is adequate for deer,
Depends upon the range, size of the deer, and the firearm it's fired from.....

From what have read the 7.62 x 39 is balistically similar to the 30 30,
Out of an AK, they are similar in the same sense that a .38 special +p is ballistically similar to a .357 magnum..... the same, only less ..... When similar bullet weights are considered, the thuddythuddy is pushing a 2-3 hundred feet/second faster ...... and at 2200 f/sec, that's 10% faster...

If you are shooting deer similar to the deer I saw on the East Coast (maybe 75 lbs soaking wet) ..... either will work. There's airguns with enough energy to bring those down .......

7.62x54r (Commie Aught Six) will do fine ..... probably overkill..... but happiness is havin' enough.
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