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I grew up in Northern Wisconsin and now live in Colorado. Ironically, the first Colorado muley I killed was in heavy timber, within 50 yards, and with the trusty old 30-30 lever gun. Generally speaking though, you will see game in more open country and take longer shots. I've hunted for years in Colorado with a Remmington 700 in 30-06 equiped with a Nikon 3 X 9 Buckmaster. Shots have ranged from 125 to 275 yards. Longer shots avail themselves but I am not confident in my ability to make a lethal shot much above 300 yards under anything but ideal circumstances, and I'm too dang old to chase the critter all over the Rockies.
I have not hunted in Wisconsin for many years but it seemed that the licensing process was much simpler. Deer season was the week of Thanksgiving, you got one tag for a buck, could apply for a special doe tag or "camp permit", and you could buy a bear license if you wanted. Out here, you have to pick a season, pick an area, apply for what you want, strategically manage "preference points", and hope for the best. But our choices are more plentiful, mulies, whitetails, elk, bear, pronghorn. We even have a chance at mountain lions, bighorn sheep, and moose. Plus we have the ultimate reactive targets, prarrie dogs, great dove hunting , and a host of other small game, upland birds, and waterfoul. Also, we have millions of acres of public land to hunt, and while some is crowded, most is not bad.
Hope you get a chance to get out this way for a hunt someday, good luck.
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