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There are a lot of opinions on lasers, and some feel very strongly.
I can understand some of the naysayers...but I can also see the potential upside.

If you have trained extensively to focus on the front sight, the laser may or may not be very beneficial...or it may be a distraction, causing you to shift your focus.

If, however, as some say, in a real life SD situation, you focus on the threat, then perhaps that red dot is your best friend...

I only own one CT-equipped gun, and i will tell you what I think the CT's biggest advantage is.

From time to time, I take that pistol (3" alloy framed Kimber 1911), double/triple check that it is unloaded, and then look across the room at a small object--a doorknob, light switch, etc. I raise the handgun and point it at the selected object...not raising to eye level, not using iron sights...just simulating point shooting. Then I press the magic button and see where the red dot is relative to my "point".

Usually, the first time or two I am off by a couple inches... but within five reps, I am amazingly "on". If I do this once a month, it takes very little refresher training. If I do it every two much the better.

I seldom carry that pistol, but since I do carry a 1911 every day, the training is very transferrable.

I also try to practice a bit of point shooting each range session. Regardless of handgun, I do fairly well, but the more often I do it, the better I surprise here.

Bottom line...I don't need a CT on every handgun. Not to say I wouldn't take them if they were giving them away.

But having one, and using it to best advantage while not a bad thing.

Best regards, Rich

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