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What I love & hate about hunting

(it's not what you think so keep reading)
First what I love about hunting: Opening day-i mean any opening day, be it small game or big game (heck i get excited about opening day of fishing season). Maybe it's anticipating of not hunting all year or being back in woods. Maybe it's sites, sounds and smells of woods. I can't really explain it but for all you hunters out there; you know what I am talking about! I try to explain it to my non-hunting friends (yes it's true-I have some non-hunting friends) and they look at me like I have lost my mind.
Now what I hate about hunting: Last day of the season, (I really dislike talking about this part) it's kind of depressing actually. Knowing that once you walk out of the woods, that's it. Normally I seem to pause more to take it all in, one more time. It seems the older I get - appreciate more the time I spend in the woods.
That's my thoughts - let's hear yours
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