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I agree with Jim. There is no validity to the "in the home" view. Various anti-gun judges are using Heller to fabricate that perspective, but it's not valid. The discussion in the Heller case revolved primarily around keeping a gun in the home for exactly one reason: Being allowed to keep a gun (assembled and ready to use) was what Heller asked for. But the ruling was a discussion about and a decision regarding whether the right to keep AND BEAR arms is an individual right, or a collective right. Both Heller and McDonald discussed at length why it is an individual right.

End of discussion. Neither case discussed or decided that the RKBA ends at the front door of your residence. Al Norris quoted Krucam as saying this view is "sorta right," but it is NOT sorta right. It is completely wrong, and we should not allow ourselves to be bullied or persuaded into thinking it is even "sorta" right, even for one nanosecond.
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