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The reason to use a laser sight for handguns, and the reason to use a Red Dot sight (for rifles) is to put the reference for the point of aim onto the same plane as the point of impact.

Let me try to state that in more clear terms: the laser dot sights for handguns accomplish the exact same thing that the red dot sights for rifles accomplish. Plenty of our combat troops use the red dot sights for their M4's, and plenty of our civilian forum members have red dot sights on their AR's, but some of those same people bad mouth the laser dot sights used on handguns. The devices accomplish the same goal, but since one of them (red dot sights on rifles) is battle-tested super cool it is "OK" and the other one (CT lasergrips) is seen as a "crutch" for people who don't know how to use iron sights on their handguns.
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