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You are probably better off just laying the gun under the bed that a case.

Throw away all the 'oily rags' and get some RIG=Rust inhibiting grease and a RIG RAG (sheepskin) and wipe down after each handling and preiodically therafter. Could also take the oily rags to the shop and wipe down the wrenches/saws/chisels/ etc.

Im cleaning some guns for a friend whos house burned.The guns were not damage, by the fire but sure are corroded.

A spoonful of Rig applied to 8 of them would have done a world of good 10-15 yrs ago.

Oil on a gun moves esp when in a rack/safe of standing in the closet. At least 3 of the above 8 have 'black' stocks where the oil has run into the wood just below the barrel/reciever. It will never come out.
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