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Does anyone use an AirSoft pistol for training against targets or mannequins?

I am thinking about getting an AirSoft model of Sig P229 to do some close up CQ training against maybe some mannequins that I can make from papier mache. Has anyone used Airsoft guns for training on their own that does not involve force-on-force stuff? (The FOF stuff is, in my opinion, essential for real self-defense training, but that is not what I am talking about here).

I do a lot of range practice against flat targets hat is along the lines of civilian, self-defense, CQ type stuff. Up close, inches or a foot or two from the target, max, simulating the kind of sudden, unexpected, up VERY close encounters someone like me might experience someday at the hands of a bad guy. I want to do more, like with me in various positions, having to draw and fire and not hit any of my body parts, etc. I was watching a Rob Pincus video where he demonstrates this using a mannequin, and he mentioned about maybe using an AirSoft gun to decrease the risk of the trainee getting seriously injured.

Has anyone used AirSoft guns for this kind of thing?

Has anyone made papier mache mannequins to shoot? I can buy Tactical Ted mannequins, but they're kind of pricey.
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