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- Fader goes on with his prepared remarks, saying while Self Defense is core to the right, it only exists "In the Home", outside the home hasn't been established yet. (sorta truth)
NOT a "sorta truth". It's an obscene lie.

Here's how this really works.

These judges want to assume that we only have those civil rights that the US Supreme Court have ruled on and hence granted us.

We have to fight that attitude at every turn. If their view was correct, then circa 1793 or so the federal government would have had the right to, say, torture confessions out of people or otherwise violate every element of the Bill Of Rights - because the US Supremes hadn't had a chance to rule on much of anything in the 1792 BoR. And that's clearly absurd.

We have a right to keep and BEAR arms. Period, end of discussion. The second part of that sentence exists. The courts are there to protect it, not to grant it out of whole cloth.

We have to fight the BS or nobody else will. We cannot repeat the lies, not even "sorta".
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