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My carry gun, my car gun, my nightstand gun and my den gun are all equipped with lasers. I bought my first one for my LCP because the sights were so bad, and it helped a lot.

After a few months of using it in practice, it finally occurred to me that I should have a laser on any pistol that I'm likely to use in a home invasion/defense situation. Now the only pistols that don't have lasers are my "range toys".

And, yes, they are useless in the bright Texas sun, and do not replace regular sights. But what a difference they make when the sun is behind the clouds.

The new universal tiny lasers from Laserlyte can be mounted on the picatinny rail that many pistols have and they cost ($80) half of what a CT laser does, and work just as well.

Here's another reason to have a laser, it may save you from having to shoot:

I was out trimming my trees in the front yard, I live at the end of a cul-de-sac, and my Dobermann puppy (6 months) was with me. I was training him to stay close by letting him drag a 25' rope. While I was tying a bundle of branches a pick up truck came in the cul-de-sac and stopped. I had my back to the truck and my dog. When I turned around about a minute later I saw the guy had gotten out of his truck and picked up the rope and was taking my dog back to his truck. I called my dog and he tried to come but the guy held him back, so I called out to him while walking towards him. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he had lost the dog and now was taking him back. I told him that was my dog and he responded that it was his dog. I told him the dog was microchiped and I could prove it was mine and any of my neighbors will attest to that. I was about 20' away.

To put in things in prespective, I'm close to 60, 5'8" and weigh 156 lbs. the other guy, I call Bubba, was about 30 years old and 6'4" and husky. My dog is 6 months old, friendly, beautiful and costs me $3,000.

Bubba looked at me and he said this was his dog and he was going to take him home. I had my LCP with my Crimson Trace laser in the front pocket of my jeans and my hand was on it. I pointed to his zipper and said " Do you see that red dot by your zipper?" He looked down and while he did so I drew my pistol and aimed right on his family jewels. Then in a calm voice I said "That's were the first bullet is going to go if you don't let go of that dog."

He looked up and saw the gun in my hand, Bubba's eyes got as big a silver dollars and he simultaneously dropped the rope and said "!!" and remained frozen. I told him to get back in his truck and that if I saw him again I would assume that he means to harm me and that I would shoot first and ask questions later.

He got in his truck and I haven't seen him once in the last three years.

I am firmly committed to conflict avoidance, deterrence and defense.
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