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Mosin or AK for Hunting?

Okay say let me start off by saying I totally understand that really neither of these are ideal for hunting. And I know a lot of people will definitely not recommend the AK. But here is the story:

I'm going hunting for the first time the first week of November, it was sort of a last minute thing. I was supposed to borrow a hunting rifle from the guy I'm going with but long story short that isn't going to happen. Being as though I bought neither my Mosin Nagant or M10 AK-47 for hunting it turns out they are my only two options for the hunt. We will be hunting deer by the way.

I took the Mosin out to the range today and with cheap, white box, wolf ammo (148 grain FMJ). At 50 yards I was able to keep all the shots within about a 5" target. Moving out to 100 yards I was able to put two shots in the bullseye but the other shots were either high or left. Now it was a windy as hell day but I'm under the impression that it was more likely me than the weather (I'm not an experienced shooter). The AK still needs to have the iron sights adjusted at the range, and I need to practice with it if I'm going to take it (I do not want to wound the animal and have to track it, or hit it in the stomach where it might ruin the meat).

So my questions are basically, which gun might be better to take? If so, what ammo should I be using to hunt deer with in either rifle? I've been looking at 7.62x54r rounds online and finding most are at least 180 grain (I don't really want to put a ton of wear and tear on the mosin and I'm unsure if shooting a higher grain round is doing so?).

If you read all of this thank you! :-P And I'm open to any insight or comments!!

P.S. As much as I'd like to buy a rifle for this purpose that just isn't financially possible at this time. But I am thinking about a Marlin XL7 for the future.
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