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I handled a Stampede at the Shot Show in January and must admit that it felt really good and had the 'clicks'...

That said:
I have both a New Vaquero and original Vaquero - both in 45LC.
I've also got a stainless Ruger Blackhawk Flattop in 45LC/45ACP.

Love all three and especially like the New Vaquero.
It has fixed sights, but at 20yds I can easily shoot out the bullseye on targets and it shoots EXACTLY to point of aim.

Even though I shoot Rugers, I still do the load one, skip one, load four, cock and drop the hammer on the empty chamber.

My recommendation:
Try them both at your local range or at least handle them in a store.

To that point:
I cannot buy any SAA type revolver in .357/.38Spl. The bore is too small and the barrel too thick. The balance feels very forward biased.
Whether with a 4 3/8"bbl or the 5 1/2"bbl, the 45LC feels perfect to me.
So, definitely handle them and see what you like best then BUY IT!

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