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5 grains of Bullseye has to be the oldest hardball match load around. I saw that load was given for some mid 1920's Frankford Arsenal 230 grain match ammo. Still works. About 825-840 fps from a 5" test barrel.

That said, Hodgdon Universal will meter better and burn cleaner. About 5.2 grains to match the older load's velocity and pressure pretty closely. 231 will meter even more easily, but is not cleaner, and matches Bullseye's pressure at about 5.1 grains.

If you're just looking for target practice, it is really not necessary to use a full charge of powder. Usually 4.2 grains of Bullseye, 4.3 of 231, and 4.4 of Universal will work just fine unless you have a short barrel gun with stiff springs that really need a full load. The lower velocity makes you work a little harder at follow-through, so it's good for practicing the surprise break with your trigger. Tells you right away when you've messed that up.
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