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It's only a single-shot,,,

It's only a single-shot,,,
But my Henry Acu-Bolt is freaky accurate.

I'm older than dirt with bad eyes,,,
But a Lady at my rifle-pistol club once put,,,
Six rounds of Federal in a dime sized circle at 50 yards.

I purchased mine 3 years ago,,,
Then it came with a cantilever mount and a cheap 4X scope,,,
The scope was adequate but it was nothing to write home to Momma about.

Now I believe it only includes the mount,,,
But the stock Williams Fire Sights are very nice.

Also like Rainbow Demon said,,,
Some of the older Mossberg bolt-actions were surprisingly accurate.

I have a Mossberg 340-KC that I inherited from a friend,,,

With the long barrel and peep sights it's as accurate as my CZ-452 Trainer.

The Standard Catalog of Firearms values it at only $100 in excellent condition,,,
If you ever stumble across a clean specimen like mine for that price,,,
Snag it up because it will outshoot a lot of modern made guns.

Just some different options for you to peruse.


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