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We have some players who have gotten some amazing deals and other who have lost their ass
Sounds a hell of a lot more like gambling instead of a legitimate auction. While I guess I can't prove that, there's one thing I can prove for certain - they'll never be getting my business (or the business of anyone I know, if I can help it). In short, seems like just one more way for gun enthusiasts to be financially persecuted, except this time it's con men doing it instead of politicians (who were the original con men, so I guess it's not that much different after all).
I have a mild interest in guns. Actually, I think the clinical term is "obsession," but that makes me sound like some kind of gun-nut. Which is fair, since I am.

Wastin' away my future children's inheritance one box of ammo, range fee, and bottle of Hoppe's #9 at a time.
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