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situations in which one can not readily index on the target in other ways, e. g., shooting from behind cover or unconventional positions in which one can't get a sight picture.
"Fun and Games with CT Laser sights"

When I was in LE I did a heck of a lot of building searches. I use to carry a little inspection mirror for peeking around corners and what not.

Didn't have LSs back then (or I didn't know about them). I don't do building searches any more but I still like using the mirror.

On my private range, I get behind the barricade, poke the gun around the barricade without exposing my head, then use the mirror to sight the red dot on the target.

Lots of fun, after a while you can get pretty good. Just remember using the mirror you move the dot opposite of what you think. Try it some time, Challenging at first but like I said, lots of fun.
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