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Just a note on reloading a Browning BPS ... don't have to go thru the magazine to reload them ...if you roll the gun over can drop a shell into the receiver and load it directly into the chamber ( I've done it thousands of times )...its 2nd nature once you've done it a few hundred times.

Ok, 3 more notes:

1. I agree with the intimidation factor that Klawman brought up ....if the intruder can see you / racking the shotgun is intimidating...and we used to think the sound of a shotgun racking was pretty intimidating in the 1970's when we were taught to do it tactically.../ but times have changed a little and the law enforcement officers I talk to - no longer use a shotgun as a primary tool for clearing a warehouse after a break in / or a personal home if they get a break in call...these days, they tend to leave them in their cruisers - and go to handguns.

2. I don't know there is one gun ....that is an absolute must have when it comes to personal home depends on what you train with, what you can shoot well, how fast your residence is likely to get police support, etc....I can make an argument that you should use the gun you shoot the very best ( for me, that's a 1911 ) for defense, If I lived on a rural street a mile or more from my neighbors, I might think a rifle is mandatory ..or maybe a shotgun...

3. Read what experts like Masaad Ayoob and others say about Defense and Tactical shooting....( there seems to be a lot of discusson among many experts on average range of confrontation being no more than 15 Feet - some even say about 9 Feet ) a shotgun your best option, probably not.

But each of us has to make our own choices in this stuff...there is no - one answer to all situations.

I will also tell you - that my youngest son is now about 35 yrs old...been shooting with me, since he was 7 or 8 ...and shotguns since he was about 10...and all of his buddies went thru this "tactical shotgun" issue in the last 4 or 5 yrs ...most of them buying either 870's or Mossbergs ...with 18" barrels or whatever was legal.../ and to a man, what they all realized is - these guns in that configuration are not that much fun to shoot ! They are especially not fun to shoot with slugs or OO Buck too much / and while most of them trained a little with them, when the guns were new ( maybe 5 boxes or so ) ....none of those guys have fired those tactical shotguns in the last 4 yrs .../ they have all turned to other shotguns for clays and bird hunting ( semi-autos, pumps in 28" barrels ) or Over Unders in 28" or 30" barrels ...because they're all "Fun" to shoot....

You can accomplish the same thing with 2 barrels - one for defense / one for flying targets.../ or just go with one gun with a 26" or 28" barrel and use it for Defense if it ever comes up .....most of us, will not ever draw or need a weapon for Defense....not that we shouldn't train tactically ...but its a heck of a lot more fun to train with 4 or 5 boxes of ammo in my handguns every week ...than it would be with a tactical my opinion !

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