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Your shooting fundamentals are not being put into use and what is happening is predictable.
When you watch the laser dot on the target you are putting all of your efforts on holding the dot right there and if you did that with the sights on the gun the results will be much the same.
Not so -- I'm not saying I have great fundamentals, but I have three other guns and none of them shoot low right. They all shoot where I aim the iron sights with the exception of the LCP which absolutely does not. With the CT dialed in on target, the iron sights point high left.

However, let's pretend that you're correct. My shooting fundamentals suck so bad, that I can't use iron sites at the range. Does anyone here really think that people who can't use iron sights properly at the range are going to be cool enough to do it when a bad guy 15 feet away is drawing on them?

Videos show that many people don't even use the sights at all in a real life situation. Scared crapless -- they just bring the gun up and shoot without taking their eyes of the threat. If you are looking at the threat you aren't looking at your front iron sight and vice versa. I think that points to a huge advantage for the CT. It allows a person to aim properly and still keep their vision focused on the threat.

Did BG really have a gun or was he just pulling out his business card? With CT you never have to say you didn't know because you took your focus of the BG to lock in on your front iron sight to aim properly.

I would have two concerns with using them on a daily carry gun.

1) If the master switch is on, you might have something press the little switch that would drain the battery.

2) In a real emergency, you might not have time to turn the master switch on which would negate the reason for the sight in the first place.
My CT doesn't have a switch. However, nothing is going ever going to turn the laser on when the gun is properly holstered in my pocket, because nothing else is in the pocket. The CT is as likely to work when called upon than the gun itself. If for some reason it doesn't than my fall back position is iron sights that I have to hold significantly high and left.
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