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Your question is flawed. Personal preference has no say when someone is issued a weapon. I like AKs for some reason. I doubt if I was in the military they'd find me one, they wouldn't even care if I did. I have small hands are they gonna give me a 1911 with slimgrips as a sidearm because thats what a prefer to shoot? No.

After you get hired on a PD the LAST thing you wanna do is bitch about what weapon you were issued... suck it up smile and carry on.

Also using a standardized weapon on a PD even if its not a gun you prefer has several benefits that win out. You are immediately familiar with another officers gun if the situation requires you to use it. If yours becomes damaged or inoperable. you have the ability to share ammunition if needed, etc. Some officers I know carry a 23 as their main weapon the mag in the gun is a standard 23 mag while the ones on their belt are 22 mags for this reason. They gain more ammo per mag if the need to reload and they can be used in other officers G22s.

If your asking our personal opinions about these common duty weapons that would be different you see?
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