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1. What is a typical size of a lead ingot and usually how much do they cost?
An ingot of lead has no standard size. My ingot molds are home-made, produce many different sizes. Cost depends on many factors. From free to outrageous.
2. How many 44mag, 45acp bullets, 9mm bullets could I get out of an ingot?
7000 grains to the ounce. You have to do the math.
3. Lead is pretty posionous any saftey measures you recommend.
Do not smoke or eat when handling lead. Almost all problems with lead come from children eating lead based paint.
4. last question how long would you say would it take to make 100 bullets
Using two identical Lee six-cavity molds, I can cast 100 bullets in just a few minutes. However, if I used one of my early single cavity Lyman iron molds, about an hour.
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