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There is a difference between letting someone shoot a firearm that I the range or when hunting ...and loaning one out for them to take away with them. I will not do the loan. Even when I gave my sons some of my rifles, we did the transfers so that the guns were in their names. Not quite loaning out.
I was touched by this earlier statement:

n the other hand, if my friends CCW is in the shop and he asks to borrow a gun from me until his gets back, and I say no,and he is shot to death by a car jacker..........?
Not your fault nor your responsibility. Your friend would have been very unlucky but the fault would be the criminal's. Fortunately, that idea is in the subjunctive (if)...
(Certainly possible, though. Just yesterday on the Cross Island Parkway here in NYC, a very bad guy shot and killed a police officer and then shot an innocent driver to death and hijacked his car.
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