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Rounded the 2nd corner enough with my paneling boards, that I can start construction of my 1st ammo bench... base of the bench is 2 treated 2" X 8" X 4' boards ( 15" actual width ) these will be anchored to the floor, some cedar 1" X 2" will be glued & screwed together for a frame & along the paneling in the back, my paneling 1" X 6" tonge & groove boards are 8ft in length, so I have enough left over from the walls, since ceiling height is only 6' 6", for the sides of the benches which are 18" high... a plywood top, that will be padded & removeable will complete the bench ( the removeable bench tops could be assembled into a bed sized area, if there were ever the need to spend the night in the safe room )... at 4ft wide, each bench will hold 12 - 30 caliber ammo cans on the width, & the bench will be tall enough to hold 2 cans high... the ammo cans will be labeled as to which caliber & fire arm they are meant for... empty cases on reloadable ammo will be in the ammo can under the loaded rounds... the benches will be placed under the gun racks on the walls, with ammo for the guns on those racks... this 1st rack will all be bolt action sporting rifles, & starting with the lil 17 Mach 2, through what ever I'm at on the 8th rifle working up in caliber... rounding the corner, will be another bolt action rifle rack, & it's corrisponding ammo bench... that'll end in .416 Rigby ( I think that's my biggest bore bolt action right now )... anyway... this will give me a corner bench arrangement that's 4ft wide on one side, & 6 ft wide on the other side... should be some room for some revolvers, & then my loading bench will finish that wall...

I'm really motivated to get enough of the wall insulated & paneled to get the loading bench built... by then, I'll be in the position to get some guns on the walls finally...

Like I mentioned before, this has been planned out for over 15 years... I'm really excited to be getting to this point
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