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Adding a monogrip lanyard ring.

Most of my revolvers that I carry / use wear rubber / nylon monogrips and I am a big fan of lanyard rings on my revolvers.

I have been looking for an economical way to add them to my guns for awhile now.

Bowen custom arms has a very nice offering however it is 50 dollars

As nice as the Bowen product is, I can not justify 50 dollars.

Only other option has been some smith and wesson guns (629-4 era trail boss) came with a lanyard ring grip screw and I found one via a parts dealer once, though Smith says they are out of stock when I call on them now.

What I discovered was McMaster-Carr carries something called a square shouldered solid rod end which will work quite well as a replacement for the screw in the monogrip and also serve as a lanyard ring. Below is the link to the catalog page. Part number is 3796K28.

Price is only 10 bucks each.

It is not a simple drop in replacement however since the mongrip mounting screw has 10-24 threads and the rod ends are threaded 10-32. To fix this all that one needs to do is pry apart the monogrip mounting thing and replace the 10-24 square nut in it with a 10-32. It's not hard at all, the U shaped piece of the monogrip mount saddle is spring steel and I would not mess with it, the small retainer piece that holds the nut is soft and easy to undo and re-do. I used a small ignition sized slip joint pliers. Had to buy a box of 100 nuts so if anyone wants a few shoot me an message.

For my GP100 the length on the rod end is perfect, on my S+W N frame that I just finished doing I needed 1/2 inch of thread length and had about 1 inch so I ran a die on it, cut, filed and cleaned the threads. Little bit of work but I just outfitted my GP100, Redhawk and 625 for a relaxed hour or so of work and 30 bucks. Makes me a happy man. I will post pictures if anyone is interested.

Also the rod ends fit standard quick detach sling mounts as well.
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