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870 malfunction - is it unusual?

I took my 20 ga 870 Wingmaster LW Magnum on a Sporting clays shoot, and I had about 50% of my second shots fail to feed.

Here's the sequence of events, over and over, again:

Before announcing "pull", I would put 2 rounds in the magazine, then shuck one round into the chamber, shoulder the gun, click off the safety, then shoot at the first clay, ATTEMPT to shuck the second round into the chamber, with 50/50 success.

At first, I thought maybe I was short stroking it, but I concentrated on full strokes, with no improvement.

After a 100 round sporting clays course, I had fired only about 80 rounds.

I took the 870 to a gunsmith Monday, and he seemed somewhat puzzled about the cause. He did depress a couple of different springs in the action, and stated he thought one of them was a little weak. Said he was back logged about a month, so I will have to wait to see what the problem is.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with an 870 Wingmaster?

I have a 12 ga 870 Wingmaster also, so I am not sitting home waiting for the 20 ga. The 12 ga doesn't have any problems.
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