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First off you have a decent scope it will allow you to reach the ranges you want. You could upgrade to a CDS MOA dial or M1 turret for the elevation knob and that would be a big help dialing in the ranges. You could change out the reticle to a B&C or LRD too.

Second even though your rifle is a FWT, Winchester doesn't use a FWT contour for magnum cartridges. It is a standard sporter contour barrel in a FWT stock so you have a little heavier barrel. However it will still heat up pretty quickly because of what it is chambered in.

So if all you want to do is ring steel at the range then you are already set up pretty decent. If you want to shoot tiny groups at 400-500 then you should probably look at a different rifle. The only reason I say that is the .300 WM will get old fast from the bench.
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