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All of your examples are of places where there would be a consequence of carrying, or where there would be little to no chance of running into someone wanting to do harm to you (the sea). Your consequences are varied, but they involve being arrested, being sent to prison, missing a Seahawks game, getting a "whoopin," etc. These are pretty common sense things, and I doubt anyone, myself included has made an assumption that you should carry where it's not legal. That's just common sense.

The point I was making, is if you make a commitment to carry, carry all the time, where it's legal. If you don't, there's no commitment, and you may get yourself into a situation where you need a gun but don't have one.

P.S. I'm also a dedicated 12th fan. But only been able to make it to one game in recent memory due to location (either Alaska or Arizona). I'm planning to make it to the Arizona/Seattle game in Arizona next year, however.
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