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Every year CDW does harvest report on all big game units and elk they include all hunting seasons also bull,cow and calves harvest. Unit 35,44,34 harvest total on those units is less than 20% unit 34 is the worst with 10% and if you take the cow/calves harvest out it be worst yet.

I've drawn early deer first part of Sept in the Holy Cross Wilderness that's in unit 44,45,444 seen lot of nice bull up there but it's a pack in.

I spend almost 30 days in the high country on archery either sex elk tag and it was pretty slim hunting right now we have 1/2 moon and their feeding evening. I drew cow tag for one of the units that I also hunted during archery season started Oct 13 thru 17th been good unit of course that's when you see the bulls.

All the bulls I'd seen were in pair or by themselves no cow with them and what cows I've seen most have been low on private land. I'd seen few bulls taken not lot. Some years are like this
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