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I think the last time I "fully committed" was 1975, and it was a mistake then, too. Now I'm fully committed to having as many options as possible. The politicians and cowards have it right, options are good and cowards live longer. So I'd jettison the idea of carrying as soon as the cons outweighed the pros. That's not really "fully committed"...

There are a number of places that I don't carry. I don't carry anywhere it's not legal, which varies state by state, and there's a few places where it isn't polite or convenient to carry.

One is my parent's farm, if I need a weapon there, Mom needs to move, and that will be a major point in the argument. She wouldn't like me carrying there, and if She gets mad, there gonna be big trouble, and could be a whuppin'. At that point, I'm outta there.

You're not going to carry into a Seahawk's game. Really. They're serious about it. And I'm a real, class 1, Born Loud, 12th Man Fan.

I don't carry sailing. Part of the reason I sail is to get away from all you silly fools who have guns. If I ever sail outside the bubble of SPD's air patrol, I may reconsider. If I remember to, and if I'm not going to Canada.

Which brings up Canada. Don't carry into Canada, even if you figure out a way to get across the border. We have fast passes, and we keep a separate vehicle to make sure there's no weapons or paraphernalia in it. A couple pieces of brass that you missed can ruin your weekend at the border.

So. Carrying or not carrying is up to you, and as I've tried to show, is a decision that can be made based on any number (and level) of criteria. Carrying a weapon does not commit you. Carrying a weapon now does not commit you to carrying it tomorrow, even if you come back to this same place and do the same things.

It's very similar to (although not the same as) the shoot / no-shoot decision. Society will hold you responsible for making that decision on the spot, in light of the specific situation, regardless of how you actually made the decision. So it's best to make each decision in that manner.

The same logic that is used to state that we have the right to bear arms can be used to state that we have the right not to, also. It's just that no one talks about that one.

So my opinion is this: carry when you wish, don't carry when you don't wish to. Decide at the time, based on any criteria that seems important to you. Personally, I try not to use "habit" or "because I HAVE to!" as a reason. If I ever have to, that's a separate problem that will require a separate solution.

I wouldn't do Israeli carry. I would get a weapon that I was comfortable with when it is in carry condition.
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