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I am still waiting to hear of any actual instances of wrecks where we know the gun caused damage that would not have otherwise happened.

In case no one has noticed, the world in which we ride is chock full of hard things. Rocks, bumpers, the bike itself, dogs, deer, cars, other bikes, pavement etc. and so forth. If you come off you are going to slide on hard things or impact hard things or both. Some 9oz pistol in my vest is just a non issue.

Getting to the gun while riding is also a non issue. The gun is for the rest of the time, and I am not going to go digging around in my bags at every gas station or diner to fish out a pistol in the parking lot so I can stow it on my person and then reverse the process. This is a recipe for unwanted attention. Concealed is concealed.

I did a 2,000 mile ride this month to go ride Deal's Gap and other roads. I carried the little pistol the whole time in 6 states with no one the wiser.

The Dragon was fun. Potentially dangerous, but fun.
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