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I figure it a bit different.

I hunted on public land so that don't cost nothing. I did spend a hair less then $100 to fill up my truck with diesel. One bottle of propane to cook and keep warm, $20.. I raided the pantry for food. I would have ate that anyway. $50 bucks for the elk tag.

I can't count the cost of the rifle since I've had it for just short of 40 years.

At the most I have $1 in ammo (I reload). I do my own butchering. I figure I have 450 lbs of elk meat. I cut most of that, say 300 lbs in steaks, thats about $1200. The rest in hamberger @ 3.50 per lbs is $525.

Thats $1725 wife says we don't have to spend for meat this winter.

If you figure cost per lbs. that would be $171 for the elk or a profit of $1554.

Don't figure why I should include the cost of my property, it had nothing to do with the elk hunt. My truck is paid for. I paid for my camper/horse trailer over the years by not spending money on motels.

My horse earned his keep many times over so I don't inclue him either. I'm retired so it dosn't cost me any more to set on a mountain then it does to set at home. Except what was listed I didn't buy anything special for the trip.

I didn't figure my antelope, but that was only a few miles from the house and besides the bullet, a couple gallons of fuel, coffee I made on site, and a can of chili I stole from the pantry, that antelope didn't cost that much.

Hadn't went deer hunting. Might shoot one in the back yard if they don't stop eating my hay. Then I'm only out the price of the tag and bullet.

Not really sure if I should count the cost of the bullets though, I'd shoot then up anyway just for the fun of it.

No Sir, its just how you figure it. Cheaper then setting on a bar stool all day.
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