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I don't currently own a motorcycle, and I haven't ridden since I started carrying, but, depending on the ergonomics of your bike (this might not work well for some bikes) an ankle, or inside the boot (if you wear high riding boots) holster might work really well, especially one that has a thumb break, for retention. Since you're already in a somewhat seated/crouched position, you should be able to reach your ankle without much trouble, and if you went down, the gun probably wouldn't do too much additional damage to you (unlike a hip or small of the back holster might. Plus with a thumb break, and the gun concealed in your pant leg cuff, the chances of it coming out if you go down is pretty small. Anyway, just something I was thinking of.

Most bikers will have or have had a crash in their biking career.
There are two types of bikers in the world:
Those have have crashed.
Those who will crash.

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