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I started reloading back in 72 for handgun and the first rifle cartridge I reloaded was the 30-30 (30WCF).
I started with the Lee hand loading kits and the only problem I had was if I failed to test each case I scrounged to insure it would feed into my chamber, I would have cartridges that failed to feed. This I found out many years later was due to a screw that was backing out on one of the bolt guides.
When I started reloading them with a press I had all kinds of problems and my scrap brass bucket received a lot of them. Crimping was difficult and at best I had plenty of pushed in bullets after a busy hunting season. Here in MN our firearms would be unloaded and cased to even ride a tailgate a short distance so the cartridges were in and out of the magazine many times a day.
One of the expert old timers here posted that he never crimps 30-30 reloads and I took his advice and although I don't use the old girl much I am very happy with the uncrimped loads.
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