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The problem with your reasoning, Mr. Pond, is twofold for me-
So then, you've misunderstood my reasoning.

My comments had nothing to do with whether a rider prefers to have panniers or not, nor was it to do with accessing the gun quickly whilst on the move (in itself a situation that is even more unlikely and less acheivable than drawing whilst walking down the street).
As for moving away from the bike: I'd never leave a gun unattended on a bike: take it with you.

My reasoning was that crashing a bike is far more likely to happen than needing a gun.
Most bikers will have or have had a crash in their biking career.
Most gun owners will not need to draw their gun in anger.
This I think most would agree.

If you have a hard object, such as a gun, up against your skin and the bones beneath and you impact heavily and unpredictably with an immovable object, such as planet Earth, it follows that your chances of sustaining further injuries are greater than if there was no hard object against you.

A shoulder holster is perhaps one of the less risk positions, but if the odds are against you, then a cracked rib shoved through your pleural membrane and into a few thousand alveoli, courtesy of a steel slide, in one extra injury you could do without.

Jhenry: naturally do as you see fit, but two crashes would not be enough for me to risk what I described above. For me, those two crashes prove nothing other than the fact crashes are unpredictable.

I can quote two crashes myself: I was flung about 60ft at 50mph, and didn't break a single bone, but I did rupture nerves in a way the orthopaedic surgeons had never seen in 30 years of practice.
I also know a guy who lost his balance standing at the lights, fell and broke his spinal column.

In other words, a lot can vary in two single incidents so they don't make it a rule of thumb...

People wear guns for protection so it seems counter intuitive for me to then wear one in such away that actively puts one at greater risk, with none of the inherent benefits of a gun as you won't use it whilst riding.

As I said earlier: If in trouble, open the throttle and leave them with your dust in their eyes.

Ultimately, AH.74 and Jhenry, it is your health and your calculated risk: I hope it pays off for you both, but personally I would not and I have explained why for those who are undecided. Ride safe.

When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
Freedom: Please enjoy responsibly.
Karma. Another word for revolver: because what goes around, comes around!
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