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Several more Shotgun questions, trying to decide

Been doing a lot of research, and much of that constitutes what I'm reading off you guys in this forum and other places, too, of course. Still on the fence. It's not so much that I mind spending extra money, as I don't, but I want to be 10 percent sure I'm getting exactly what I'm looking for and getting the best quality I can FOR THE PRICE I'm paying whether that be $800, $500, $300, whatever. I am reading things, for example, about Maverick, how it is pretty much a Mossberg but at a lower price, so why pay extra for a name? Same thing about say Stevens compared to Remingtons. Of course, everybody has an opinion, just want to get the best quality made product for the right price before I purchase. I'd prefer to buy American if I can, YES, absolutely, but for now I'm just sticking to bang for the buck. I have a Glock, so I just want what fits the bill, period. It was much easier buying handguns; this decision is a little different as the options are many.

How much of it is brand loyalty, how much of it is proven quality over time, etc.? And when did Winchester take a dive? Seems like some still love them, but everybody seems to be in agreeance about their modern offerings. Here is what I've learned so far.

My neighbor hunts a lot and is very proficient with a 26 inch barrel. First question, is this about as low as you want to go to hit skeet, hunt, etc? I ask because I handled his gun, and it felt good in my arms to hold, liked the feel? He said he can handle home defense with the same barrel, but the consensus seems to be shorter barrel (18) is best, and I can see that in my case being a novice with this type gun.

Secondly, is it half crazy to be considering one of the "off" brands like Maverick or Stevens when it seems that may be very comparable to their name-brand competitors at a fraction of the price? Again, if I could read something to simply substantiate that these guns are far below the others in quality, handling, etc., it'd be a no-brainer decision, (I won't buy a Kia for this very reason, damn the price) but it seems from research that many seem to LOVE these guns and even more enjoy the fact that they saved money while getting them, the proverbial cherry on top.

I have been leaning towards a Remington 870 for many reasons, but then you see the Wingmasters, which were what Remington used to be until they came up with the Express to cut costs, are far more expensive now, and that some seem to hate the Express. You also hear when people tell stories of having their Remington for "30" years or being given by their grandpa, it's a WINGMASTER!! Kind of worries me a little, you know. The Mossbergs seem good for the money, but the Maverick is the SAME thing it seems just about but only CHEAPER to purchase. I really like the Benellis, the Berettas, the Brownings, but there are SOO many choices in this realm with so many features. It's kind of mind boggling at this point.

I've been going to gun stores, asking the best questions I can, and trying to find out which features I need. I want something that I can use for home defense but may get into hunting at some point and don't want to keep buying shotgun after shotgun or the wife may banish me to the garage to live. At the same time, I WILL if that gets me the gun I want with the features I want. Some prefer beaded sights. Others say for home defense you MUST have ghost rings, etc. Again, just mind boggling.

If someone breaks in my house, I used to think my .357 revolver and .40 Glock were enough, but some seem to think a shotgun trumps these options, and I can see the merit of that argument, so I plan on continuing to pursue the shotgun as an option. I've asked and know you guys have provided many great responses to my questions. Just on the fence and not sure which direction to go. I think pawn shops are leading me purposely one way, and I think that new gun shops are leading me another. The only thing I can say with 100 percent certainty that I have gleaned from every single person I've talked to is that, "Remingtons hold their values better than Mossbergs", and I even question that to an extent as Mossberg makes some really nice models here it does seem. Maddening!! Help!! LOL!!
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