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Re 30-06 and accuracy

Personally, I bought a Savage 116 FCSS Weather Warrior. I wanted durability and a common ammo, well-tried, that will be on any shelf at any gas station in Bumjab, Montana (with apologies to the residents of Bumjab)

(EDIT) As well, the 30-06 can be loaded up or down to a very broad range of applications. While that isn't a compelling matter insofar as LD shooting is concerned, it fits my needs for a versatile load.

While I'm sure there was some luck involved, I shot a 0.400" group with Federal HighShock 150 gr, 100yds. I hope my attachment is there.

So, with some hesitancy due to limited experience on my part, I believe you will find the Stevens and Savage actions a good, cheap foundation. Check the background of the article I posted.
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