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2. Can 357 mag dies be used for 38 special reloading without modification?
Get dies for .38 special, or .38/.357. You will be able to load for .357. RCBS dies include a spacer, so you don't have to readjust.

I made the mistake, very early on, of getting a .357 dieset. I couldn't adjust the seating die to crimp the shorter .38 case.

RCBS dies are the only ones I'm familiar with. I had a set of LEE dies I bought on EBay a long time ago. I used them once and set them aside. Now I can't remember what it was about them I didn't like.

I still have them if anyone wants them. I'd sell them cheap, say $20.00 plus shipping?
About the only thing I don't care for with the Lee dies it the way the expanding ring floats in the second die. It doesn't let go as easily as the fixed expanding plug in my RCBS dies.

That said, the way my progressive (Lee Pro 1000) works, pretty much requires I have the Lee expander as the second die. The Lees works well anyway and are significantly cheaper than other maker's sets. So, my default for a new cartridge is to get the Lee dies.
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