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My best guess on the Dixie load is no. It is very hard to find anyone who can give you an answer around here, calling the local enforcement officers just gets you the next number for the head office, which in turn passes you off to some obscure government phone number...and in the end you get a secretary who tells you "maybe" and says there is no one else available to talk to you right now. Calling back 100 times and leaving a call back number doesn't get any better results.
I've had the same experience a few times when enquiring about shotguns, and the legality of using pellet guns, its a very poorly run system.

Anyway, my guess on the dixie load comes from the "general guide book" which is only a brief summary of the laws, dumbed down to suit the average Joe, most of the time; but is in no way complete.
In this case the section on shotguns states that I can not use " a slug, or ball."
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