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tulsamal 4. re: deer hunting with 5.56/223.
Thank you Greg, for your input. You're mainly talking about ethics here, and preaching to the choir.

I've seen those guys who start shooting stumps at the end of the day and they **** me off. I just came back from a fruitless two week Elk hunk and chambered a round only once (in a bolt gun) and then it was because of bear showing up. None of us pulled the trigger on that hunt. I don't need to shoot trees (or bears).

I have shot .223 for a looooong time and I know it's capabilities. Here's food for thought also for your comparison with .243—

A bullet of a given weight often fails because of being driven too fast re: "Proportionally" a .223-60gr PSP/Partition driven at ~2700 fps (likely for that cartridge and from a 16"barrel) is no more or less likely to fail than a .243-115gr PSP/Partition driven at 3000 fps.

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